Hello Pups, Handlers, and friends,


We have had a hard 2020 so far, and with the impact that COVID-19 is still having on our community, we have decided to postpone the LA Pup Pride festivities and the LA Pup Contest that would have taken place the second week of November. 


I know this news is shocking and disappointing, but we have complete faith in our current titleholder who has been brilliantly teaching classes, fighting against the forces of the world that are cruel and unjust, and just showing  he has what it takes. We thank you Pup Orion, you make us all so proud. 


The producers of this contest have lost six close friends to the virus of all different ages, and we feel it is extremely important to continue social distancing until there is a vaccine for the virus, and a way for it to be distributed to the masses. We have too many deaths in our community, and to throw the LA Pup Contest in the 2020 Fall/Winter could be gambling with the lives of so many pups, and people. We will not do it, and would urge other large events to do the same. 


As a community we have. A social responsibility to each other, we need to care more for the lives of everyone. COVID-19 takes anyone it wants down, even young people. 


My advice in this matter is to do a COVID-19 risk assessment, and all LA County residents should contact their general practitioner or doctor for a free COVID-19 test. If you do not have a doctor there are free testing sites in LA and the following people have priority in getting tested at these sites:

  • Symptomatic persons with the following symptoms: Fever, cough, shortness of breath, chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat and new loss of taste or smell.

  • Asymptomatic persons:

    • Persons over age 65

    • Those with a chronic medical conditions

    • Essential workers in these groups: janitorial, security, airport, government, health care, food and grocery, and more. To view a complete list of the essential workers group, click here.

  • This is in addition to testing of symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals in congregate institutional settings.


For more info on the free testing sites go here:https://covid19.lacounty.gov/testing/ 


So get tested, stay healthy, wash your hands, cover your face and nose with a face cover (click here to get pup themed masks), and remember that we will be together again. We will lay non a puppy pile again! Its just right now we have bigger things than the contest got worry about. We love all of you and we want your here with all of your loved ones here physically in the world. Be a good pup and be a strong pup, because its our responsibility to save each other. 


If things go as planned we will be moving the contest to an earlier month in 2021. Lets try and all be there together.


Much love,


     PuP Ashtray Boner Kain and Handler Dan Lovell

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LA Pup 2020 Contestants

Left to right: Alpha Pup Templar, Pup Star Orion (winner: LA Pup 2020), Pup Apollo (AlphaBeta 2020/first runner-up)